How to Scrapbook: Letters

A while ago I received the following question on how to scrapbook letters:

Question – “I want to know if there is a practical, fun way to preserve letters I have received through the years from family and friends…a way to preserve them for posterity. There are so many that it would take up quite a bit of space in the photo scrapbooks I'm doing. I know there is a clever way that I'm not able to wrap my brain around. Thank you for your help.”

Answer – What wonderful momento to have! My first thought was to make a scrapbook solely dedicated to your letters. You could preserve the original letters in acid free page protectors, or make photocopies and scrapbook them if you'd like. Somehow, though, I think you were looking for something a bit more creative.

You'll want to save the originals in a safe place, but perhaps you could use copies to create one-of-a-kind tile coasters for family and friends. My mind is telling me to reduce the size of the copies and do something with them that way, but I haven't been able to envision that yet.

Of course, scanning them and uploading them into My Digital Studio would give you a wide variety of options you could use them for… on cards, calendars, scrapbooks, etc. The topic of the letter and the author would guide you more here.  You can try My Digital Studio FREE for 30 days!

I'm sure our readers will have many more ideas.

Anyone care to share?  Leave your ideas below.
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