Smash Book: What’s Old is New Again

This and That Smash BookA smash book is how my sisters and I used to scrapbook when we were kids, before scrapbooking was even a word.  🙂  Of course, I'd never heard the term “smash book” back then, either.

Life is happening really fast, so we're happy to introduce our newest product line that lets you capture it all on-the-go. This and That product line will debut in the 2013-2014 annual catalog, but we're giving you the chance to get it now!

The line is being introduced with these five products, but we'll be adding more This and That stuff as time goes on.  These items will be available in May and in the new Stampin' Up! catalog, but the discounted Epic Day This and That Bundle is only available until April 30.  You can buy the This and That products separately (click on the pictures below the video), but why do that when you can get all five together and save 15 percent?

You can read more about the line HERE.

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