Rubber Stamping Tips: Making a Good Impression

Have you ever stamped a large stamp, only to find a “hole” in the image where the ink didn't transfer from the rubber to the paper?  I used to have this happen all the time, and it was always near the bottom left corner of the image.

If you've been to my classes or watched any of my videos, you know one of my secret rubber stamping tips… ink and stamp upside down!

  • Lay your stamp on the table rubber side up.
  • Apply ink all over the rubber, being sure the whole image is inked.
  • Carefully lay your card stock on top of the stamp.
  • Take a piece of copy paper and lay it on top of this, being careful not to let the card stock slide.
  • With one hand firmly hold the copy paper down, and with the other hand rub all over the copy paper to transfer the ink.  Reverse hands, holding copy paper down with opposite hand and rubbing with the other.
  • Remove copy paper and carefully lift card stock straight up.  A perfect image!

I use this technique for larger stamps and whenever the card stock is smaller than the rubber stamp.  Try it next time and soon you'll be making a good impression!

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