How to Organize Your Craft Paper

A couple of days ago I created a short video showing my ideas of how to organize your craft paper

I admit it, I'm not the most organized person in the world.  And I have VERY LITTLE space with which to craft, much less than I had a few years ago.  Organizing my designer paper and devising a strategy for how to stay orderly is an ongoing challenge, especially for my scraps. 

I love the system I have now.  It takes up very little space and definitely keeps me more tidy.  I hope these ideas will help you, too. 

How to Organize Your Craft Paper -

You can find links to the items featured just below the video.  These are affiliate links, which means when you purchase the item I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  I do use all the items that I recommend, and the small earnings I receive helps to cover the expenses on running my website, so thank you!  I can also say that I've purchased similar products before, but they were more expensive than these.  So that's just a bonus!

Watch the Video How to Organize Your Craft Paper below.

Products to Help You Stay Organized:

Check out my Craft Room Organization page for other ideas on how to organize a craft room.

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